The 3 Accessories for Zhiyun Crane M You NEED To Start Using!

The 3 Accessories for Zhiyun Crane M You NEED To Start Using!
Harry 27 Mar 2018 Gimbals

The Zhiyun Crane M is one of the most popular gimbals at the moment for small compact cameras and lightweight mirrorless cameras. If you have a Crane M, you should consider getting these accessories...

A Tripod

At the bottom of the Zhiyun Crane M you will find a standard 1/4 screw, making it compatible with most tripods.

If you search on Amazon for Zhiyun Crane M Tripod you will find some products that advertise the fact that they are designed specifically for the Zhiyun Crane M. However if you read the reviews you'll see that they aren't really fantastic (with some getting the screws from the tripod stuck in your gimbal).

I've found the perfect tripod for the Crane M. It lets you stand it perfectly vertical (the legs can lock into a certain position, so you know that it is pointing 90 degrees upwards), or extend the legs to give you much better support when holding the gimbal with two hands.

The model name of this tripod (as it appears on Amazon) is "Koolehaoda Desktop Mini Tripod". Find it on or

I have this exact tripod and use it with my Crane M, and it is a perfect match. The tripod feels secure, the screw fits perfectly and it supports the gimbal (with camera) with no problems. The only downside is that the tripod weighs a bit - but I don't think you'll get any tripod that is solid and sturdy without some extra weight (with the exception of lightweight Carbon Fiber tripods.

There are 3 ways to use the tripod. Fully extended (like a monopod), legs completely flat (so it is always stood at exactly 90 degrees (pointing upwards)), or having the legs spread out somewhere in between the other two modes. The top head swivels a little bit to switch between legs complete flat and legs spread out. It works well, and I can find no faults with this tripod.

Need to attach a microphone or display? Get the SmallRig DSLR Rigs Super Clamp!

There are many alternatives, but this is what I have and use to attach a microphone.

When using with a microphone you may pick up some slight mechanical sounds from the gimbal's motors

Find it on or

And a quick release system!

A quick release system is essential for being able to use your Crane M and camera without readjusting it every time.

Tip: get a quick release system that has some kind of marking (often a ruler, measured in mm) so you can put the camera back on in the exact same place.

Find one on or