DJI Ronin 2

DJI Ronin 2 review
Company DJI
Category Gimbal Stabilizers
Battery life 8 hours (2.5 hours when powering gimbal, camera and accessories at the same time)
Weight Including handle bar: 14 lb (6.4 kg)
Approx Price $900 (USD) View on

Ronin 2 exists to let filmmakers capture the scene they see in their mind. Upgraded high torque motors allow it to support a wider range of cameras, resist high winds and G-forces caused when mounted to a car and keep it moving smoothly in flight.

Thbis really is a gimbal designed for professional use - but despite its large size it is still quite lightweight (only 5.5kg / 11 lbs with the full handle bar, or 4.2kg/9lbs without it).

They released the DJI Ronin 2 in mid 2017, and it is certainly larger than most other gimbals that are mentioned on our website.


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