Evo SP-PRO Gen2

Evo SP-PRO Gen2 review
Company Evo Gimbals
Category Gimbal Stabilizers
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120mm x 105mm x 295mm
Run-Time Up to 14hrs
Gimbal Weight 440g (unloaded)
Min Camera Payload 75g
Max Camera Payload 220g
Max Tilt Angle -135° to +185° (-320° to +320° mechanical range)
Max Roll Anlge -30° to +30° (-320° to +320° mechanical range)
Pan Angle Range -360° to + 360° (unlimited)
Approx Price $250 (USD)
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Completely redesigned for 2017, the SP-PRO Gen2 sets the standard for the next level of smartphone stabilizers. With up to 14 hours of battery life 1 the SP-PRO Gen2 gives you access to advanced camera settings on the handle without having to touch the screen. With the new CNC tool-less design, the SP-PRO is now compatible with an even wider range of smartphones, action cameras and 360 cameras.


Featuring 3 easy to use phone stabilization modes, the EVO SP-PRO gen2 gives you the ultimate freedom of motion for your iphone or android smartphone. Replicate the same dolly moves and crane shots seen in multi-million dollar productions.

PAN FOLLOW MODE - Tilt & Roll axis are locked. Pan axis rotates smoothly with turn of wrist. Use joystick up & down to control tilt angle of camera.

LOCK MODE - Tilt, Roll and Pan axis are locked. Use joystick to manually control pan & tilt.

FULL FOLLOW MODE - Roll axis is locked. Pan and Tilt axis smoothly follow handle. Use joystick left and right to adjust the horizon angle (dutch).


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